Jan. 29th, 2011


Jan. 29th, 2011 09:57 pm
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'Laid up in the apartment with a cold that hit me all of a sudden yesterday afternoon. I don't recall a time in recent memory when I've felt this lousy; all I want to do is sleep. I hope I'm able to rally before tomorrow night. My boss's boss is coming in from South Carolina and we are all supposed to go out to dinner together. This is the guy who sat in on my phone interview when I was going for the job in the first place, so it would probably behoove me to make an attempt not to look like death when I roll up to the restaurant.

I got home from work last night, checked a couple of e-mails and then passed out on my couch for a couple of hours. When I woke up I made a run to Walmart for orange juice and cold medicine and, I swear, I don't remember how I got back to the apartment. You probably could have sold me on anything last night and I would have been like, "Yeah, sure, okay, but is it all right if I lie down first?" And tonight, all I want to do is take a bath to try and relax, but I can't justify using all of that water to do it. I mean, now that I'm actually paying for all of my utilities, I'm being unnecessarily stingy with them. That's right, kids: adulthood turns you into a total tightwad. Enjoy.

On the upside, being sick has meant that I've had the opportunity to go back and watch old episodes of Mad About You. I used to love that show. Paul and Jamie Buchman are in the pantheon of marriages I hope to one day emulate (along with Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in The Abyss, because even though they pretend to hate one another, by the end of the movie extreme circumstances and an underwater alien civilization make them see how absolutely awesome they are together).

Right. Back to the couch.

Screw it. 'Took a bath and it was awesome: I feel a little better and I smell like cashmere.


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