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katernater: (tension ☤ i am that good.)
God, sometimes television is just fantastic.

More coherent thoughts later. For now? Huck Finn and Castle. (Not necessarily in that order and, quite honestly, at opposite levels of attention and enthusiasm.)
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A while ago, [livejournal.com profile] highlander_ii requested a canonical House/Stacy mix but, until I got clobbered with a cold at the end of this week, I'd been too busy to put it together. This one took a little while because, for once, I wanted to frame it around a certain timeline. This mix -- an EP, really, because I hardly ever do full-length mixes -- is essentially what I consider to be House's inner monologue between "Love Hurts" and "Need To Know".


Zipped mix, cover art, supplemental art behind the cut.

Please comment if you're taking. Feedback is like vindaloo curry.

You were the one. You always will be. )
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Two things of epic musical importance (your results may vary, offer void in Montana, check your local listings):

→ First, check out this truly awesome autumn EP by my good friend [livejournal.com profile] mirorelle. I love that the change in season brings new music! I was walking back from the library tonight and the weather was absolutely perfect and spiced with autumn smells. I love this time of year.

→ Second, I'm highly recommending this Wilson/Cuddy fanmix by my new friend [livejournal.com profile] meelsie_love78. I've sort of moved away from particular character pairings for House, but this mix got me thinking back on all the wonderful things that [livejournal.com profile] makemerun and I did with Cuddy and Wilson in [livejournal.com profile] vicodin_rpg. 'Real bleeding hearts stuff, that.

Class was really fantastic tonight. You know those moments when you're completely surprised in an utterly awesome way? My Sino-American class met at the art museum tonight. We got to go into the "vault" where all the paintings are kept. The curator -- who also happened to be my professor's wife -- pulled open these two huge, heavy doors and showed us the vault proper: there were rows and rows of paintings hanging on sliding racks. You found the painting you were looking for by correlating its number from a list to the rack it was hanging on, then you dragged that particular rack from the other shelves. She was moving them around, like she knew what she was doing, and it was like a great wall of moving art. Seeing all those landscapes and portraits go by, as if by mental command. I love stuff like that.

And to further the art (and close the circuit), I can't stop listening to this song from this week's episode of House. So fantastically mellow.
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First, congratulations to Michael Emerson on his Emmy win!


I was disappointed that neither Hugh nor House took anything home, but big ups to Bryan Cranston! I've caught a couple episodes of Breaking Bad and I have to say: that guy is a terrific actor. From what I remember, he spent the majority of the first episode running around the California desert in his underwear. That really means you've got the chops as an actor. Or that you cowed under the writer's suggestion of "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..."

I spent most of this weekend working on homework so I'd be all caught up for the House Season 6 premiere tonight. I also started to transcribe old [livejournal.com profile] vicodin_rpg logs into Word format, because I miss reading that stuff. I tried to do that "automatic book" via LJBooks, but I don't think it works on whole communities. Anyway. There's about 600 entries spread out over two years, which means I'm doing a lot of cherrypicking for favourites. [livejournal.com profile] arriterre, [livejournal.com profile] makemerun, if you're interested in any of that, let me know. I'll probably compress everything into a PDF and take it to Kinko's. Which will be an interesting trip, because nothing makes you look cooler to other people than showing up with a 50,000-word roleplaying game portfolio and asking -- with a straight face -- for even more copies. Yikes.

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Change is imminent )
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→ 40 House, M.D. s2 icons
→ 61 Benjamin Linus/Michael Emerson icons [ LOST s3, 4, 5; photoshoots ]

I had originally intended to use these House icons as part of the [livejournal.com profile] house_100icons challenge, but I realized I was being overly ambitious (or typically lazy) and decided not to participate after all. Anyway, here they are. The Ben Linus icons are icon versions of 400x400 album covers I created for my iTunes queue. Some of them work well in the smaller format, some...not so much.

Please credit [livejournal.com profile] katernater if you use any of these.
Comments and feedback are wonderful.
Textless icons are not bases. Please do not modify them.

House screencaps: [livejournal.com profile] bluebear_74
Ben Linus/Michael Emerson screencaps: MichaelEmerson.net
Textures: [livejournal.com profile] texturize

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

'What would you prefer - a doctor who holds your hand while you die or one who ignores you while you get better? I suppose it would particularly suck to have a doctor who ignores you while you die.' )
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I'm giving serious thought to un-joining all of the fandom communities I'm a part of. [livejournal.com profile] house_cuddy and [livejournal.com profile] house_wilson, specifically. There's just too much wank going back and forth; it's juvenile and I really don't need that kind of pessimism cramping my friends list. 'Thing is, I almost feel like I should be adult enough not to let it bother me; not enough to leave the communities, anyway.

I've managed to avoid a lot of the drama by simply not reading any of the posts in the first place. The presence of an lj-cut is a red flag these days. Ugh. I don't know. And it's terrible, because I feel like I'm losing steam on the whole House thing, too. I'm not as excited about the show as I've been in the past. That's the problem with summer hiatuses, I guess.

Also, there's a roll of paper towels on the counter and, every time I catch it out of my periphery, I keep thinking there's someone standing in my kitchen.
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First: Epic "House, M.D." S6 Promo. Oh my gosh, is it September yet?

Second: I'm going home a day earlier than I planned. My mother, aunt, cousin and I are going to a casino tomorrow. I've never been gambling before, but I like all the pretty lights. See you guys in a couple of days!
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] house_cuddy for the heads-up.
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As much of a beef as I have with fandom at times, I've really got to hand it to them: there's a lot of creativity floating around in the mad, mad, mad alphabet soup. Like this, for instance, which is a House/Cuddy UMich!verse fanmix that I wish I had been clever enough to come up with first.

I posted some wallpapers at my icon journal: [livejournal.com profile] iconidiom. I think I'm going to start doing more over there. I haven't updated since, my god, I think it's been over a year. I'd like to clean it up a bit, too. What's great about the end of the season and the start of summer is that I'll have a chance to catch up on iconing all of the episodes of House from the last season and a half.

'Have the day off of work tomorrow. I think Todd and I are going to see Terminator Salvation. Has anyone else seen it? Is it worth it?

Also, I can't wait until this new series, Obsessed, tomorrow night on A&E. It's about people living with obsessive compulsive disorder. I've already triple-checked my TiVo settings to make sure that it's going to record.
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Last night's finale - spoilers beneath the cut )

So now the long push toward September begins. Overall, I think this season was an improvement on the third season, and certainly more organized than last season. I think we really saw some facets of House's personality that were new, and handled in clever ways. Sure, this ending was less climactic than being shot by a "former patient" (whatever happened to Moriarty? That's what I want to know) or an overturned bus. But I think it brought the show back to its fundamental roots: the struggle in House's head between what he wants, what he thinks he deserves, and what reality puts in front of him. Well done, House writers. You made me cry again.

Speaking of getting emotionally involved in things (or not), I saw Star Trek yesterday and it was amazing. I was never really into the show, but I found myself able to pick up on the old characters, and cheering whenever I saw a refurbished incarnation of a character I'd heard about. (Scotty -- oh my gosh, Simon Pegg, you kill me.) J.J. Abrams did an incredible job in laying out a whole string of galaxies, interesting characters and even more interesting conflicts. Visually, it was stunning. Script-wise, it was probably lacking and I was actually grateful that I didn't have a lot of canon context going in, because I'm sure I'd be even more confused than I already was. But it stood alone as a great summer movie -- a perfect introduction to the season. My dad texted me afterward and told me that they've already greenlit a sequel for 2012. Tribbles, perchance?

'Waiting until this afternoon to go home for the night. I'm going to pick up some clothes for work and hug the stuffing out of my mom and dad. It's so beautiful out today. The drive home is going to be a real peach.
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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Also: It's House finale night! Eeee!
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Oh, criminy. Posting at [livejournal.com profile] house_cuddy is now moderated, due to an influx of "spoiler-related" posts. Honestly. Is that really necessary? Isn't the entire point of a community like that to, I don't know, talk about the show? Especially after the episode in question aired three days ago? "The first rule of fandom is: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FANDOM." It's television, people. Not a state secret.

In other news: I have an interview with Barnes & Noble tomorrow! Yay for books!
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Promo pic for 5x22 )

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Proof that this Monday's episode of House will be the best thing since the invention of the designated driver:

Photos under the cut -- not really spoilery unless you haven't seen the preview for the episode )
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That ending? Was brilliant.

I got chills.
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Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous episode. I was really worried how they were going to pull it off as far as camerawork went, but the transitions between perspectives was well-timed and fabulously executed.

One thing that I noticed and found amusing... )

Also, I cannot wait for next week. The preview gave me chills.
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I'm feeling much better today.

I wanted to do a little laundry earlier today and I threw one of our chenille blankets into the washer. The washer ATE it. It was shredded to pieces by the time I took it out to move it to the dryer. It's like the spin cycle pulled out all the fringe or something. Anyway, I shoved it into the dryer to see if, by the miracle of heat, all of the pieces would just kind of paste themselves back together. Not so. Now we have a front yard full of red fuzzballs. We went out and bought a brand new throw later on.

School's back on tomorrow! It was nice to have a break, even though I didn't really feel like I was entitled to one. At most, I spend an hour and a half on campus every day. I wasn't really overworked -- not yet, at least. I've gotten myself ahead of the curve on all of the assignments that were posted during the break. Heading back, my main focus will be to start my short story and do a monstrous amount of studying for an Argumentation midterm. I'm not worried about school as much as I am about getting a job around here. I can't live on government money forever, and especially not through the summer. The economy is so tight around here anyway (I know that the national unemployment rate is hovering around 8%; I have no idea what it is for Indiana) but I figure that a lot of people are looking for full time posts, not part time like me. 'Fingers crossed that I'll get some discretionary income coming in soon.

New House tomorrow! Why does it feel like it's been longer than a week since we had a new episode?
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This is why I watch this show.



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