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So, the Titanic 3D trailer should not have made me as emotional as it did. But, gah, I can't help it. When it first came out, I saw it in theaters something like seven times. Do you know long that movie is? It's more than three hours. Three hours times seven: that's over twenty-one hours. Every day in the world, 490,000 babies are born. The amount of time I spent in the theater watching Titanic is roughly equivalent to the amount of time it took 490,000 people to enter the world. Ri-freakin'-diculous.

My goodness, I can't wait until this week is over. I'll be going home over the Thanksgiving holiday. We've got Wednesday off from school, so I will leave Tuesday afternoon right after class. I'm swinging 'round Tim's place on my way back through town on Sunday. We're doing Thanksgiving with our respective families this year. In December he'll spend the weekend before Christmas up in Fort Wayne with my family, and then I'll join him and his family in Indianapolis for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

...It feels really grown up to say that. I've never spent real Christmas away from my family before. And I don't think I would consider doing that for anyone but Tim.

On episode 1x03 of Fringe and it's started to get weird. I mean. Comparatively speaking. :\
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I was feeling nostalgic for high school earlier today, for no reason in particular. I just sent off an e-mail to my former concert orchestra teacher, thanking him for the positive impact he had on my life. I told him that I, too, am now a teacher and while I don't teach music, I do carry some of his lessons with me "on stage" every day. Again, I don't know what prompted the retrospection. I guess it's in part because my 10-year reunion is coming up in 2012 and that, when face to face with visions of your high school self, it's hard not to take stock of what really mattered at the end of it all.

In other news, I have started watching the first season of Fringe. John Noble's character reminds me of too many of my relatives for comfort.


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