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I saw this meme on [livejournal.com profile] farstepper's journal and thought, hell, I've already exposed you all to my fandom rambling and my waylaid sense of adult purpose -- why not make you privy to the minutia that goes on with my laptop? (I'm also waiting for an oven-baked pizza to be done, so I needed something else to pass the time.)

• Take a screen shot of your desktop.
• Take a screen shot of your media player (if you have one up).
• Take a screen shot of another program you have up.
• Pick a tab you have up and take a screen shot of it.

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'Been watching a lot of movies lately. I watched True Lies for the first time the other day (that movie just gets progressively more unbelievable; by the time I got to the end I felt like I needed to watch Speed 2: Cruise Control for a sorely-needed dose of plausibility). I also watched Persuasion (the Sally Hawkins/Rupert Penry-Jones version from 2007) and barely caught myself before I turned into a Jane Austen fan. I then realized that I liked movies based on Jane Austen's books rather than the books themselves. Whew. Close one. But Rupert Penry-Jones? Wow. He's got this Paul Bettany-like thing going on (which is probably why I could easily see him slipping into the role of Pendergast: both men are fair-skinned, fair-haired, and have that sort of kinetic attractiveness to them that you can't really explain). I've still got Burke and Hare to watch (yes, that Burke and Hare) and an Alan Rickman double-punch (Something the Lord Made and Snow Cake), but I'll probably wait until the break to really let myself go and be lazy.

I'm feeling really good these days. The term is almost over and I am happy where I am -- and very lucky to be here.

Spring is in the air, too, which always crosses the creative wires in my head. Last night I played around with the idea of a Dark Underworld/Spider-Man (yes, that Spider-Man) crossover in which my Cate meets Norman Osborn in New York City to talk about what Oscorp and Audax can do together. I had this banter between them forming in my head, as clear as if it were being typed up on a screen: Osborn trying to control the voice of the Green Goblin while Cate attempts to hide the fact that she herself has a little bit of "the beast" in her.

...I really need to find more things to do with my free time.
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So, I've pretty much been in RP!nostalgia mode all weekend. When it comes to roleplaying games, few can hold a candle (in my opinion, anyway) to a series of games I played in, based on the Underworld movie franchise. I wrote with some pretty incredible people, developed a few lasting friendships, and created a set of characters that are as deeply personal to me now as they were eight years ago.

I've been seeing that gender-swap meme going around on Tumblr lately. The basic premise is to take the characters from your favourite movies and TV shows and "swap" their gender; that is, male characters become female and vice versa, using an actor of the corresponding gender.

Of course, I could not resist trying it out on the [livejournal.com profile] lotr_underworld/Dark Underworld cast.

(This is what I do when I don't have cable and can't watch the Academy Awards.)


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SO. I was home this weekend (to celebrate Father's Day and to glut myself on ribs at our city's annual BBQ festival), and I came across an entire document case packed with old LotR Underworld/Dark Underworld RP logs. Like, a lot -- three years' worth, to be exact. That's a lot of writing. A lot of characters. (And a lot of really weird "family dynamics.") Anyway, as I was going through all of that stuff, it occurred to me that those games -- and the characters I played in them -- really meant a lot to me. It was the first time that I really had a chance to flesh out characters of my own, and I played with some incredibly talented people. And it was never, ever boring. Some of the characters are still with me. Some will probably never leave.

So, as a tribute to those certain headvoices (the ones who tell me that it's damned hard to keep all of your white clothes white when you're constantly kicking vampire ass; the ones who brood so much they could probably make it a permanent hobby), I've put together this little EP. Each song is a little glimpse into the personality of the character attached to it.

And yes, Nicky -- it was extremely difficult for me not to use "Dancing Queen" for Crispin. XD

All songs uploaded individually (click the musical note beside the character name), and as a zipped folder. Some songs are MP4, for those of you who have to manage that kind of thing.


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Todd and I went to see "The Ghost Writer" last night and it was incredible. A very taut, well-written, well-acted film. There were a couple of instances where both Todd and I could tell that some expletives were dubbed over in post-production to give the movie its PG-13 rating but, overall, such flubs didn't take away from any of the high caliber performances. Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, hell, even Kim Cattrall made me momentarily forgetful of her role in Sex and the City and pulled off an incredible, true-to-form performance in the role of Amelia Bly, Pierce Brosnan's character's icy assistant. And, honestly: what can't be said about Ewan McGregor? I've got a soft spot for movies/television shows about writers anyway, and he gave a very earnest performance here. The film itself is very recognizably Polanski: the slow build-up, the implantation of seemingly innocuous characters, the neat and orderly cinematography. It was a beautifully-shot film. Very textured and colourful. This was the first time Todd and I had been to the movies since we saw "Avatar" last year, so I am glad that we picked a winner.

Tangental thought processes notwithstanding, [livejournal.com profile] awesomesquared wrote UW Cate/Liv fic. EEEEE. That brings back so many good memories of that game. Cate was -- and continues to be -- one of my strongest, most prolific muses. (Along with Crispin who, oddly enough, has been poking his sharpish nose into my consciousness more and more often lately. I think he's upset at me for having neglected him for so long.) Anyway, it's hard to believe that that game is long gone; 'even harder to believe that it lasted as long as it did. I made some great friends during those years, many of whom I still look up to as writers and am lucky enough to still count as great friends. ♥♥♥♥♥

'Have a bit of reading to do before class tonight and I should hit the library later this afternoon to print off the materials we'll be going over as a group. I finished Beloved this weekend and I have not yet committed to an opinion of it. I'm sure I'll have one before the end of class.




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