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I seem to be long past the point where I post relevant, interesting things here, but I've been keeping an actual written journal lately (for, like, a week) and most of the mindcockery that goes on inside my head has been written there. HOWEVER. Here are a few things that have been keeping my attention of late:

- Sherlock. You know, the very last thing I need is to be involved in another fandom, especially when said fandom only gets three episodes of airtime this year, but it's cheekbones quality, not quantity, right? This show has totally reawakened my love for all things Holmesian. Tonight's episode is supposed to be loosely based on "The Adventure of the Dancing Men," so I busted out my Complete Sherlock Holmes last night to refresh my knowledge of ciphers. Fandom = homework? Love it. Also? Have you seen this GQMF? Look again. Yeah.

- Second summer semester ends this week. I spent most of the latter half of last week and the weekend working on a research paper for Modern American Presidency. I've really enjoyed that class. For the most part, it was just a bunch of us sitting around, reading Constitutional Law and ragging on LBJ for being a first-class asshole.

- Vacation. Once I take my final on Wednesday, I'll be free and clear until classes start up again at the end of the month. I haven't had a real vacation -- which I qualify as "any considerable length of time during which i am not intermittently sleeping at the university library" -- since, uh, December? No. Spring Break. Sort of. I think I was doing graduate research during Spring Break this year. Anyway, after Wednesday, I'll have almost two weeks of free time. Todd and I are leaving for Cleveland next Sunday to see The Phantom of the Opera and to get our picture taken in the ZZ Top car when we visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That'll be a nice weekend getaway. After that, I think I'll be going home-home for a few days. 'Maybe turn everything off and go up to the lake (there's no wireless up there; I'm not even sure if there's cell phone service) and just laze. I haven't been up to the family cottage in years and there's just something terribly, terribly wrong about having something like that but claiming to be too busy to ever use it.

- Todd and I are going to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice tonight. It looked like a light, meringue summer movie. (Plus, we get in for free. :D)

- My attention span for this '30 Days of Inception' meme is starting to wane. I'm going to do Days 11-17 in a lump. Work smart, not hard.

Days 11-17 : In your group of friends, who would be... )
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inception : 30 day challenge : day 10 : If you could guarantee one Academy Award for Inception, what would it be (besides best movie)?

If we are gonna' perform Inception then we need imagination. )
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inception : 30 day challenge : day 7 : Who would you be and why? (Forger, Architect, Point Man, Extractor, Chemist)

I know you are, but what am I? )
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inception : 30 day challenge : day 6 : A song that makes you think of Inception

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul )
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Well, opening night of Tell Her We Have an Automobile went well! We had a pretty good turnout -- fifteen, maybe twenty people -- and for the size of the venue, that was perfect. I'd been pretty nervous this week, because between class and other commitments, I hadn't really been ready to go off-book until, like, yesterday. (I used to have dreams about that: being cast in a show that I never showed up to any of the auditions for, having to wing all my lines on opening night.) But I got up there tonight, did well, enjoyed it, and everything worked out terrifically! There're two performances tomorrow, and after that the cast is going to go out for margaritas. :DDDDDD

'Figured I'd post this now, so I don't forget to do it between shows tomorrow:

inception : 30 day challenge : day 3 : your favourite scene
You mustn't be afraid to lj-cut a little bigger, darling )

Also, I watched (500) Days of Summer tonight. Cute.


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