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I resisted as much as I could, but in the end I couldn't keep away from that movie shuffle meme that's been making its way around Tumblr. The premise is simple: leave up to four actors in my askbox and I will turn my iTunes on shuffle and create a movie poster and a synopsis of the imaginary film, based on whatever song comes up first. This has turned out to be more fun than I could have possibly imagined.

[livejournal.com profile] antiquitea gave me Michael Sheen, Hugh Laurie, and Billie Piper.

I'm actually half tempted to write a screenplay for this. )

I want to do more of these. If you'd like, leave up to four actors in the comments and I'll give 'em the same treatment.


Mar. 6th, 2011 07:50 pm
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Today, March 6th, marks the ten year birthday of [livejournal.com profile] katernater. What's remarkable to me is that I have now reached a point in my life when I can say I can actually remember being a living, thinking human being ten years ago. It's not like when you're seventeen, reminiscing about when you were seven and all the fun you used to have sticking crayons up your nose. Ten years is plenty of time to accrue real, working adult memories and experiences. In the last decade, I've had plenty of both. I graduated from high school, went to college, graduated from college, got a job, met a guy, went to Europe with the guy, left a job, left town to go to graduate school, graduated from graduate school, and left the town for a job in another town. And throughout it all, I blogged to keep my sanity. I've never been any good at keeping a paper journal, so this blog has been the closest to an official record-keeping system as I've ever come and I'm pretty sure that most of it was pedantic to read -- at best. But I have been blessed while keeping it to have been exposed to a number of people whom I now count as good friends, confidantes and like souls. I am grateful to those people for their insight, support, and steadfastness over the last ten years. I would not continue to update you about my life were I not fortunate enough to be a part of yours in return.

To celebrate my 10-year anniversary, I'm opening this post up to a prompt free-for-all. If you would like, leave a character or pairing in the comments, along with a prompt, and I will write you a drabble about those characters. If you'd like a fanmix or a bit of art, that's fair game, too. I will be able to work on your requests during my upcoming vacation week, so feel free to request away. It's a small way for me to say "thank you" for continuing to read me rather than Charlie Sheen's Twitter posts (although I'm sure that some of you do that anyway).

Thanks again. I'll see you all in another ten.
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So, I've pretty much been in RP!nostalgia mode all weekend. When it comes to roleplaying games, few can hold a candle (in my opinion, anyway) to a series of games I played in, based on the Underworld movie franchise. I wrote with some pretty incredible people, developed a few lasting friendships, and created a set of characters that are as deeply personal to me now as they were eight years ago.

I've been seeing that gender-swap meme going around on Tumblr lately. The basic premise is to take the characters from your favourite movies and TV shows and "swap" their gender; that is, male characters become female and vice versa, using an actor of the corresponding gender.

Of course, I could not resist trying it out on the [livejournal.com profile] lotr_underworld/Dark Underworld cast.

(This is what I do when I don't have cable and can't watch the Academy Awards.)


You're a hot mess / I'm loving it, hell yes. )


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