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That was intensely satisfying.

I think I made love to myself at least three times during that episode.

-- And I will totally call myself in the morning.
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Hurrah! [livejournal.com profile] hmd_tuesdays is back!

This week's questions/answers under the cut )

The third season DVDs come out next week, right? And so begins my two month binge of House-related purchases. Last year, for the season two DVDs, I was at university and had to catch a public bus to the store to be able to pick up my copy -- and I got the last one on the shelf. I came back to my dorm, saddled my laptop across my knees, and spent the next three hours watching episode after episode. It was the first week of classes -- maybe even the second day of classes -- and I remember it being so hot and bright that when I went outside I thought the sun'd bleach out my hair within a half an hour. I'm homesick for that experience. I imagine that that's part of the reason why I'm looking to go back. And, well, you know, the "betterment of self" and all that. That's certainly important, too.

'Stayed home from work today with a stomach bug. The only productive thing I've done all day was shower. And write. And make a couple of pieces of toast. Talk about reliving your college years.
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Sweet lord. When Lil tells me that I can go ahead and write the introductory thread for an RP post for our [livejournal.com profile] canonwars Cuddy and House? She should be aware that she's unleashing all the hounds and all the oliphaunts in Christendom. Because I will totally lapse into a fugue state for a half an hour and come up with something much longer -- and more adjective-happy -- than I had originally planned on writing. I'm posting it here because, yeah. I can.

A missing scene from 'Meaning' that we're going to play out )

'Feel like I need to have a cigarette and tip somebody after that.

My writing is completely driven by my ego. And my ego is completely driven by my writing. Fhew.

Also. New layout. [livejournal.com profile] katernater [livejournal.com profile] katernater [livejournal.com profile] katernater.
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I've had a 30GB video iPod for almost a year and a half and I just figured out how to load videos onto it. As in "tonight." As in "fifteen seconds ago." As in "please take my new MacBook Pro away from me before I figure out how to get a copy of WoW uploaded onto it."

Finding new uses for familiar technology is a lot like finding new uses for your body. Like for sex. Or squash. But not sex while playing squash. In fact, it's best to avoid mixing contact sports altogether.

Speaking of things with semi-soft endings. I ran again tonight. Gomez and Gorillaz (I was somewhat unimaginative with my shuffle alphabetization). I was actually going to skip the run tonight because, as it turns out, it's not the day after a run that tears your muscles apart, but the day after the day after. I was pretty sore at work today and when I came home, dad and mom wanted to watch "Three Stories" (hands down my favourite House episode) and by the end of it I was more moved to write than run. But I knew I'd be upset with myself tomorrow if I bailed, so I sucked it up, stretched to the best of my ability, and went out there for my mile. Now I'm home and I'll be fine if I don't have to move for the next forty-eight hours.

This week's [livejournal.com profile] hmd_tuesdays questions and answers are here )
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House Season 3 will be released to DVD on August 21st, 2007.

Cover )

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Eight episodes in six hours.


The most fun, I think, is sitting through them with someone who's seeing them for the first time. The little jokes, the "Houseisms" -- the origins of the Ball Of Unknown Origin -- the tricky little subplots and diagnoses I missed from the first hundred viewings. No. Being able to be excited about something like this -- something I can get genuinely excited about -- and to have that excitement met with six hours of kindred enthusiasm. That's the best part.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] gleam? With flying colours.
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"Doldrums" is a funny word.

So is "shellfish".

Sometimes, when I think about the inevitability of death and about the afterlife, I find one question presiding over all others: If it's true that, in death, all of life's questions are answered, if I happen to die before my time -- and before the run of House is over -- at the moment of my death, will I be instantly provided with the knowledge of all future episodes? And if so, will death really be that bad on account?

I also sometimes wonder if it would be prudent for me to learn all the words to an Italian opera or whether knowing all the lyrics to Prince's "Pussy Control" would be just as useful a cocktail party trick.

...I think it's my bedtime.
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Canon in tee-minus ten minutes.


*thumps off to the living room with a blanket and a copy of Gray's*
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I want so badly for it to be nine o'clock tonight right now that my kneecaps itch.

Does anyone else get that? Weird, psychosomatic manifestations of anticipation?
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I love [livejournal.com profile] ami2024ever.
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So, I'm thinking of reading House spoilers (oh, internets, your cup runneth over with videos of backyard wrestling, the Hawaiian Tropic girls' fifth grade report cards, and the ubiquitous amount of television spoiler pabulum) but I've been so patient the entire season and I don't think I want to break that streak. Maybe I should give up spoilers for Lent. But I can't be held to that constitution, either. I already broke Christ's goodly trust yesterday when I ate half of a cheeseball that I vowed to swear off until Easter.

-- Yes, it was totally worth it.

Sorry, Jesus.
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Huh. I kind of want to put that episode in Lucite and hang it around my neck.

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You're lucky I have someone, LJ. If I was alone and miserable? This flagrant display of pinkitude would. not. stand.
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Dear David Shore: )

Next week. OMG. *flail*

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