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Everyone in the house is grumpy today (except for me, but only by virtue of sleeping through it until three o'clock in the afternoon) so I'm holing up in my room with The X-Files, a chenille blanket, and a couple dozen cans of frosty Diet Coke. Hopefully the malaise will pass by the time I get motivated enough to go to the gym. WHICH Todd bought me a membership for -- 'stuck me on his plan like a right gentleman. The place is maybe a five minute walk from my front door and I'll have access to a room full of cardio equipment, a sauna, a track (which is awesome, because running outside when it's 35 degrees and icy is not something I'm eager to try), and a couple of racquetball courts. Todd and I are already planning Racquetball Smackdown 2008. I stand to win a great deal of money.

"Beowulf" in 3D was entertaining. I was happy with the plot of the first half, but then my brain shut down because of the deviations in the second, and I spent a lot of that time falling back on the pretty 3D-ness of it instead. I loved that Grendel (Crispin Glover FTW!) spoke in Old English and that I actually had to work to understand it. The animation was spectacular, though I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much in the 2D format.

Afterward, Todd and I went to play pool and I was happy to discover that I didn't suck at it. I try to avoid games like that (pool, bowling, skeet shooting, geese juggling) because I have absolutely no eye/hand coordination outside of Donkey Kong. But I loosened up and actually started making shots (I sunk the eight ball for the win just as "You Can't Always Get What You Want" came on the jukebox, you guys) and won a couple of interesting wagers with Todd. He won some, too, but we both agreed that I came out ahead.

I still owe a whole bunch of people drabbles for my 2,000th Postiversary. I promise they're coming. I had to resign my [livejournal.com profile] house_fest claim for November because there's no way I can get that thing turned out by the end of the month with my GRE and holiday schedule. I plan on picking it up for December, though, and I'll have some vacation time at the end of the month that I can devote to writing it (field work, field work, field work!)

All right. Back to more 'Files and family avoiding.
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So, uh.

Is anybody going to be spending the weekend not living and breathing Harry Potter?


May. 18th, 2007 06:55 pm
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Because the only thing worse than cats themselves are the people who put captions like "I made you a cookie. But I eated it." on cats.

Meow. )

I'm going out now.
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Eight episodes in six hours.


The most fun, I think, is sitting through them with someone who's seeing them for the first time. The little jokes, the "Houseisms" -- the origins of the Ball Of Unknown Origin -- the tricky little subplots and diagnoses I missed from the first hundred viewings. No. Being able to be excited about something like this -- something I can get genuinely excited about -- and to have that excitement met with six hours of kindred enthusiasm. That's the best part.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] gleam? With flying colours.
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...That was the most wonderful voice I've ever heard.

And tonight -- all of tonight -- was wonderful.
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-- CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE 18 (+2 +3).


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