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Well. I just spoiled myself for the last Harry Potter and I have to agree with everyone else's comments on it and say "O RLY?"

I just saved myself seven hundred pages. Now I can get back to reading le Carré. Alec Lemas, you are such a badass. I almost wish the Cold War was still going on so I could work with you at the Bayswater Library For Psychic Research. I would let you "espionage" a few things on me. I don't even know what that means.

God, I love Sunday mornings.
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So, uh.

Is anybody going to be spending the weekend not living and breathing Harry Potter?
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So it was either The Book Of The Dead or "Jeeves & Wooster" headlining my lunch break today and, aware of the sound level that the latter would produce (because that series invokes almost instantaneous laughter in me), I went with the book.

...And noticed an inconsistency of fact on page 50.

Cut for spoilers, but not really )

Then again, that's just me being nit-picky.

Back at it, then.
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Just something I wrote today for an upcoming Bent Reality plotpoint. Unfinished (because I had to go copy/collate some stuff) and because I'm not entirely pleased with it:

Eighty-eight reasons )

I have plans for it, but have to be careful in laying out my steps. If I over-think it I over-do it. Still. I fancy the pairing enough to believe that inspiration will be forthcoming.

Two Days That Will Deplete My Checking Account:
May 30th : "Book Of The Dead"
August 22nd : "House" Season 2 DVDs

Oh my god: They made a movie about Leonard Cohen!
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Clearly, I'm ten years old. I have a gigantic glass of milk and a proyo ("Katie, that's a yo-yo." "No, mom. Yo-yos are for average people. This is a PROYO.") and I'm rocking out to Raffi's "Bananaphone".

Today was lovely. Woke up at 11:30 or so, showered and dressed and chilled around the house for a while before mum and I met up with dad for lunch. After that it was a jaunt to Barnes & Noble to pick up The Gun Seller (which I'm devouring with all the vigor that Rosie O'Donnell uses when there's a sale at Whole Foods) and a balmy highway drive back home, James Blunt blaring from the open windows.

Mom wants me to buy this. I want the New Car Fairy to leave $20,500 under my pillow while I'm sleeping. I might be well on my way, though. The Great License Pursuit has entered a climactic phase: I'm actually going to call the DMV tomorrow to schedule a driving test. And, if this internship works out (I officially start on Monday morning), I might make a little room in my bank account for a convertible expenditure.

[livejournal.com profile] luuser? You free this weekend? I suggest a spirited bout of...spirits. If I can't drink you under the table I'm a very poor friend indeed.


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