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I'm reading this biography of Cicero and, because it's told in what very closely approximates a narrative style, I keep imagining Hugh Laurie as the face of the great orator.

....That's weird, right?

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With book, the approximate weight of my bag is 11 pounds. Average walk from car to office takes thirty to forty-five seconds -- four to six trips per day -- factoring in wind resistance, humidity, barometric pressure and whether or not I've had a Diet Mountain Dew. More math. Large supercomputer with HAL 9000 capabilities. Estimated time of spine degeneration? Some time around age thirty. Estimated volume of new cocktail party knowledge? Approximately 816 more pages' worth.

Also. Interesting tidbit. The Finnish word for "yoga guru" is "joogaguruski".

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So it's totally the last hour of my day before House!cation officially begins and how am I spending it? Combing Amazon.com for this book and wondering if carrying it in my bag everywhere I go will do permanent damage to my lower back.

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I don't know if you can call it "delicious" (unless your taste buds are acclimated to cocaine, garden sod, tobacco or hooker's knee pits), but Keith Richards is apparently writing a memoir, due out in 2010. You might be thinking, "Well, gee. It's 2007. 2010 seems like an awfully long way off, doesn't it? I mean, that's three years from now. Surely they could crank that tome out earlier than that."

To which I riposte: It's Keith Richards. He can barely remember where he left his knee pits.

Nevertheless, I'm going to update my iCal to reflect this occasion.

I'd like a memoir from each of the 'Stones, actually. Charlie Watts, especially, because I've got a thing for drummers. I just found out that he has this habit of sketching every hotel room he ever stays in; 'just diagrams the layout of the furniture and the art on the walls. That's crazy. I also think it'd be great to hear about that time he punched Mick. "Don't ever call me your drummer again. You're my fucking singer."

God, it would have been great to've been a roadie/groupie for the 'Stones. '69-'74, preferably.

Top 5 Bands/Artists Whose Equipment I'd Gladly Schlep Across Continents For Nominal Pay )
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I saw this on [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess's journal and -- I'm not kidding -- I started breathing in that heavy, covetous fashion while I was scrolling through it: Library Smut.

What can I say? I'm turned on by a big hardcover.
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I'm actually sort of following the presidential race in France right now and, I have to say, if we followed their courteous tack regarding the handling of elections? Nobody would be sitting in the White House. It'd be a permanent diorama; kind of like Lou Grant's office.

It's interesting that, in a time of pre-election political ennui in America, when party lines are more hazy than ever, France seems eager to split things right down the middle. Stretch-face Sarkozy versus Natalie-Portman's-ugly-cousin Royal, duking it out -- poing to taloche -- with Bayrou standing smugly in between (duh, he's a centrist). Even though he was ousted from the first round of elections, Bayrou apparently has, like, a nuthold on the political climate in France (with something like seven million votes in his favour) and now Sarkozy and Royal have to ingratiate themselves to that remaining contingent before the final round of elections on May 6.

I suggest cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Hillary? Are you listening? Cake. Caaaaa-aaaaake.

I ordered my t-shirt today and picked up my book when it came in to Barnes & Noble. 'Think I'm going to read until House limps along.
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Strange mood tonight.

I was reading Feiler's Walking The Bible but now I'm feeling more partial to Darwin's Dangerous Idea.

And I've still got Notes From A Small Island on my nightstand, along with In The Wake Of The Plague.

I should not be allowed to own so many books -- or to read so many at once.


I think bed is in order.


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