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The annual EP for the beginning of fall has become something of a tradition for me. I have always loved autumn as the best of all seasons, and there is so much music that epitomizes my feelings for -- and during -- the season. This year's EP has a decidedly international feeling to it. I saw Frank Turner when he opened for Mumford & Sons last year, and I recently rediscovered his music through Spotify. His raw, honest lyrics about growing up and handling heartbreak (both the romantic and spiritual varieties) have sort of served as my anthems for the last few weeks. (His accent does not hurt, either.) Hugo is another recent find, as are Canadian-born Dan Mangan, and Grinderman (though Grinderman is helmed by Nick Cave, who is one of my old reliables for fanmixes). The Ryan Adams song has particular personal relevance for me, as it reflects the number of personal changes I have gone through in the last year. The closing track, "I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous," is maybe one of the most uplifting songs I've heard in a long time. It is a celebration of life and -- I think -- a perfect way to end the EP and start the season.

And, of course, I could not help but make Benedict Cumberbatch this year's EP "cover model." I mean, look at him.

I would love feedback and a comment if you are downloading, but neither are necessary. Please let me know if links expire.


autumn's here
an ep for fall

oo1. to take you home : frank turner

i would like to take you home, to the hills that i know
i would like to take you home, to the places i go
i would like to take you home


oo2. et les mots croisés : dan mangan

so, hell, i thought i knew why i was here:
to find myself a girl who makes me sad
but i went looking round and all i found
was this here one who makes me tea and brings the crossword


oo3. mekong river delta : hugo

i'm still waiting on that day
but my life gets in the way
i wish i had some time for you
(i don't know if you want me to)
the things we say but never do


oo4. days gone by : bill connor

[ instrumental ]


oo5. palaces of montezuma : grinderman

oh come on, baby,
let's get out of the cold


oo6. dear chicago : ryan adams

the wind's feeling real these days
yeah, baby, it hurts me some
never thought i'd feel so blue,
new york city, you're almost gone
i think that i've fallen out of love,
i think i've fallen out of love . . . with you


oo7. i knew prufrock before he got famous : frank turner

well, life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings
about fire in our bellies and about furtive little feelings,
and the aching amplitudes that set our needles all flickering,
and they help us with remembering that the only thing left to do is live

Download art, songs, zip file here.

autumn's here : 2009
autumn's here : 2010
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