Jul. 7th, 2011

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Starting next week, I will be teaching part-part time at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. A group of twenty students from the University of Seoul, South Korea, will be taking part in a four-week set of courses, one of which includes supplemental English language instruction. Another teacher at INTERLINK has been brought on to teach the brunt of the class but they need additional instructors to supervise and/or tag-team teach when necessary. My boss approached me about the position a few weeks ago and I got confirmation today that I'd been brought on. I'm really excited! It's a little more work at a hectic time in the term -- I am slated for at least five additional hours per week, mostly in the afternoons -- but it will pay dividends, both in terms of extra cash and real-world experience. Frankly, I'm very flattered to have been considered for the position. This is only my third term teaching and I am absolutely chuffed to have this opportunity. The students are all on track to return to Korea after they complete their classes, with another group to come to the States this time next summer. Out of 200 applicants, only twenty were chosen to come to Rose-Hulman. I have an inkling that they are a very elite group, which will be very much like the type of teaching I did during my certification.

Anyway, experience
+ extra cash
+ the opportunity to be around adorably nerdy Rose-Hulman interns =

It's so hot out today. I want to go for a run but the heat makes me lean toward staying inside eating chocolate drops and playing with make-up.


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