Jul. 3rd, 2011

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I'm back in Fort Wayne for the holiday weekend. The last couple of days have been wonderful. Yesterday, I woke up early and jetted across town to the theater to see an 11:05 showing of X-Men: First Class, which lived up to absolutely every one of my expectations. Although, after looking at my Tumblr dash lately, I felt as if I'd already seen half the movie. It didn't matter. James McAvoy was civil and dignified and Michael Fassbender made me feel funny feelings, especially when he wore slim trousers and turtlenecks that made him look like a glorious tribute to male geometry. (Seriously. This guy had the classic '60s 'A-frame' thing going on. Me gusta.) After I got home my family and I went out to Chipotle for lunch. My brother had randomly entered a drawing for a free meal a couple of weeks ago, and they drew his name. He was nice enough to invite my mom, dad, and me along. We got whatever we wanted for free! I got tacos carnitas, which hit just about every one of my happy places. There was so much food on our table that we had a hard time navigating around the chips and tortillas. We felt like kings! Afterward, my brother and I made a trip to Barnes & Noble. My brother is going to Ireland and England next year, so he bought a travel guide. I demonstrated a tremendous amount of restraint and did not buy anything (although I had my eye on one of those Nook Colors. Does anyone have one of those? Can you sell me on reasons why it needs to be a part of my life?).

Today, the family and I went to Defiance, Ohio for a family reunion. I haven't seen my mother's side of the family -- not the extended bits, anyway -- since my grandfather's funeral in 2001. My relatives live on a big parcel of land out in the middle of the country. They have a beautiful pond, a deck, and a go-kart track. They even rented a bouncy castle for the reunion! (My mom and I, especially, had fun in the bouncy castle.) We just got home a little while ago and I went out for a quick run before taking a shower and bunking down for the night. I managed to get my hands on the first season of Modern Family and I really like it so far. It's not at all what I expected. I just got to the episode where Edward Norton makes a cameo appearance as a member of Spandau Ballet. Hilarious.

Tomorrow my family and I are going to have a cook-out in the backyard. I'm going to have to leave to get back to Terre Haute sometime tomorrow afternoon, but it's been a really nice few days. I needed the break. The term has been up and down, especially the last couple of weeks. I'm learning how to budget my time -- and my patience. I still really enjoy what I'm doing and honestly can't see myself being anywhere else right now. I know that, eventually, I'd like to take the plunge and go overseas to teach. My cousin is spending the summer in a chateau in France, tutoring some rich family's kids. I think I could do that: live Brideshead Revisited style while teaching elocution or something. It would be ideal for me to get some experience stateside first, then try my hand at continent jumping. I'd love to see Asia. Anywhere, actually, so long as it's an adventure.

I'm going to spend tonight hanging out, watching Modern Family and reading Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Happy Fourth of July to all of my American friends! I hope your holidays are wonderful!


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