Jun. 20th, 2011

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All right, George R.R. Martin, you've made a convert of me. Game of Thrones was pretty epic. For whatever reason I haven't ever really taken to the fantasy genre (which is strange, because my other interests -- The X-Files, Doctor Who, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- would ordinarily be perfect jumping-off points) and all of my attempts to read a fantasy novel all the way through have failed to bear fruit. But I admit: I was pretty favorably impressed with HBO's treatment of the series. And, from what I hear, they were pretty faithful to the novels themselves, so I'm optimistic about my chances of sticking with it this time. I still have to finish the stack sitting on my bedside table (and I really need a new book like another hole in the head), but I have plans to go to the Vigo Country Public Library this week to apply for a new library card (you know you're really putting down roots in a place if you're going after a library card, right?) so I'll check out the stacks. I imagine that with all the publicity the miniseries has gotten that the books will be scarce, but it's worth a shot.

In further out-of-my-comfort-zone news, I ended up going to the amusement park on Saturday after all. We spent half the day in a downpour (which made the water rides a little unpleasant), but the weather cleared up by mid-afternoon and we ended up having a great time! I'm so glad that I went. I really was on the fence about it until the day before. But I figured, what else was I going to do on a Saturday afternoon? I have this tendency to want to be insular and, while that's okay sometimes (we all need our space), I'm really trying to do things that get me out there with other people. I know it's safer to be at home, writing fantasy characters and refreshing my Tumblr every five minutes, but I hate to think of the opportunities I've missed pursuing that kind of weekend over and over again. I enjoy doing those things and I think I can still have them in my life, but I'm finding it increasingly important to do them in moderation.

My whole attitude this week has been "say 'yes' to new things, even if they scare you." I even have Labor Day plans now, two months in advance, because I allowed myself to be open to saying "yes" to new things. You should have seen me on Saturday: I had this attitude like, "Hell yeah: a roller coaster that takes you at 70 miles per hour? Bring. it. on. Oh, a little rain? No problem. It just makes the trip more memorable. You don't wanna' ride the log flume backwards? Dude, I'll do it. Look at me go!" I am getting little glimpses of myself, of what I am capable of doing, and how I can keep surprising myself. I like what I'm seeing. Of course, I have to be responsible about it; there's a fine line between pushing yourself to see how far you can go, and actually going too far. If something doesn't feel right I have to trust that instinct, too. But if it starts with a roller coaster, well, that's as good a beginning as any.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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