May. 10th, 2011

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Okay. So this is me, paring down a 45+ track playlist into a nice, neat profiterole of character shipitude. I've been working on refining this mix for about two weeks (roughly about as long as [ profile] awesomesquared had been working on her mix which, by the way, you should check out, because it is amazing) and I'm very happy with the results. This is an EP for two original characters, Hugh Cadigan and Amelia Drake, who are in a roleplaying game I'm currently involved with. They have quite an extensive (somewhat tumultuous) history with one another. Hugh is a smooth-talking bureaucrat on assignment in Amelia's territory, trying to ascertain whether or not she knows what the hell she's doing. Amelia is trying to assert her authority and prove to Hugh and his employers that she doesn't need babysitting. Did I mention that they're both werewolves? It's a high-stakes game of politics, intrigue, and wet fur. Will they ever learn to get along? Will love eventually win out over distrust and uncertainty? Will Hugh ever get enough of the yummy chiffon cupcakes Amelia makes?

Only time will tell.

8 songs + bonus track + cover art and zip beneath the cut )


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