May. 6th, 2011

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Every nine weeks I get one week of paid vacation at my job. It's a pretty sweet deal and, let me tell you, by the time week seven rolls around I'm in total "holiday mode." There are five terms stretched over the course of one year, which means that there are approximately thirty-five days out of the year with which I can do pretty much whatever I want. The trouble is, I never know quite what to do with them. I'm going to start posting ideas for holidays on this post. My criteria are simple: they should be things I want to do but have not yet gotten around to doing, and which can be completed within one week or less. It's my hope that, within a year, I will have been able to knock more than a few of these off the list.

Consider it a "bucket list" -- but without all the morbid undertones.

1. Go to Space Camp (for adults!).
2. Go blonde.
3. Go to The Edgar Allen Poe Museum.
4. Visit the Folger Shakespeare Library.
5. Check out the improv at the Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival.
6. See an indie concert at The Metro.
7. Check out the exhibits at the Museum of Bad Art.
8. Visit Circus World (but avoid all clowns).
9. Man up and finally learn how to drive a manual transmission.
10. Drive a dune buggy at the Indiana Dunes.
11. Attend a town hall meeting in a town I do not live in. Contribute at least four viable ideas.
12. Volunteer.
13. See a Formula-1 race at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
14. Go camping.
15. Be privy to ye olde festivities at a Renaissance Faire.
16. Break out my old ten-speed for the Wabash River Ride.
17. Photographic tour of Ann Arbor and The University of Michigan.
18. Get up the courage to visit that neighboring farm and ask if I can pet their horses.
19. Tour Pixar Animation Studios.
20. Hot Air Balloon Flight Lessons.
21. Take a self-defense class.
22. Bourbon tasting with [ profile] moofoot and [ profile] sardonicynic

What about you guys. Any suggestions?


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