Apr. 5th, 2011


Apr. 5th, 2011 06:47 pm
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Taxes have finally been filed. I honestly don't know why I dicked around for so long when the due date is, like, in less than two weeks, but I have found that bad things happen when I am left alone in a room with only numbers for company. Despite it all, I will actually be getting a little money back this year. It's not enough to really do anything with, but it will be nice to pad a few bills and credit card payments. Any thoughts of extravagant purchases that happen to trip over my brain these days are pretty much tabled right after I have them. I seem to've come down with a wicked case of financial pragmatism since moving out on my own. (Except when it comes to books and handbags and, in those cases, I have to be physically restrained from overindulging.)

Work is going well. I find that this term is much busier than the first, but not unmanageable. I am in my office a lot more often and I seem to have a higher percentage of students who are willing to stop by to either work with me on things for class, or simply because they would like to chat. I'm very happy in my job and consider myself very lucky to have found something that I enjoy doing this much every day.

I am also re-reading Frankenstein and thoroughly enjoying it. I was so impressed by the National Theater Live performance this weekend; I hope that the production will be made available on DVD at some point so I may have the chance to see both versions. (I know the soundtrack is available for sale in the UK, but an American version has not been commercially released.) Had I another year in graduate school I might have considered incorporating Frankenstein into some kind of thesis or dissertation; there are just so many interesting interpretations of the text to explore.

Gonna' make some dinner and take it easy for the rest of the evening, I think. I've been watching Professor Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe series over the last couple of nights. He breaks complicated physics concepts down into comprehensible notions and does so in an incredibly poetic, thoughtful manner. It really makes you appreciate how wonderful -- and mathematically incalculable -- it is to be alive.


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