Mar. 28th, 2011

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[ profile] silent_snark! I got your postcard! Thank you! The only thing better than getting a postcard is getting a postcard from Roswell, New Mexico. :D

Good start to this week. I'm pre-planning like a crazy person, making sure that I've got all of my bases covered in both classes. I feel like this term is shaping up to be much better than the last, at least in terms of organization. I've got a real feel for what's expected of me -- and what I should expect out of my students.

Also, living on one's own means making certain allowances for food choices. Microwavable meals, once the signal flare for singlehood, are pretty much a constant in a young adult professional's freezer. And, you know, I don't get in the habit of promoting specific products or anything, but through the end of August this year, if you buy a Healthy Choice entree you'll receive a purchase code that you can use on, who will donate one meal on your behalf to local food banks. That's a damn cool promotion, if you ask me. (It kind of makes me feel better about the fact that I can't be bothered to cook real food most of the time.)

Todd and I are going to see Danny Boyle's Frankenstein this weekend! I can't waaaaaaaaait!


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