Mar. 22nd, 2011

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→ So, I haven't been an "active" active participant in the House fandom since the end of Season 4 (and I don't know why I felt the compulsion to put the word active in quotation marks -- I guess I qualify active as a period in the show's run when I frequently visited message boards and targeted LJ communities, bought any and all merchandise surrounding the show, and thought seriously about changing my last name to "House" if I ever had to enter the Witness Protection Program), so I feel like I have mostly missed all the drama going on in the fandom. I have not missed an episode of the show yet though and, while I might disagree with the over-stylization of the cases and the soap opera-ization of the main cast, I've got to say that I'm pretty satisfied with the show at large. It's never going to be the same series that I fell in love with when I first watched "Unfaithful" back in college. But, then again, I was doing a lot of stuff in college I don't do now. At this point, there's very little that can get me to stop watching. I'm committed. I fell in love with these characters and every once in a while the writers will throw in a line or a situation that makes me remember why.

→ It's Tuesday and already the term is picking up speed. We finalized class and room assignments this afternoon. I'll be teaching RW 2 again (I've decided on Lemony Snicket for the extended reading) and a split section of CS 3, which will allow me to be a lot more creative as far as activities go. I'm thinking of doing some in-class listening activities with American TV sitcoms -- so far I've got Mad About You and maybe News Radio. At this level they're supposed to be picking up on "natural speech patterns" (there I go again), which is another way of saying "the way that people talk on a daily basis." No slowed, overly enunciated, or simplified speech. I'd love to throw an episode or two of The West Wing at them but, honestly, sometimes that show is too smart for me. Paul Reiser might be a good stepping stone.

→ We're really strapped for instructors this term. In fact, there was a résumé floating around the conference room yesterday afternoon and when I got in this morning, I found out that the guy had been hired full-time. Classes start Thursday. I mean, I feel for this kid, because I was exactly where he is two months ago. They throw so much at you at once that you really have to resist the temptation to curl up in a corner and cry. But hey, I got through it and, while I know for a fact that I don't know everything, I'm a prime example of the "If I can, you can" philosophy.

→ I also wore a fantastic pair of heels to the office today but had to park way far away from my building, so walking was a pain (literally), and I took them off while walking back to my car at the end of the day. Now my feet hurt because of the shoes and because I walked barefoot on uneven asphalt. Go me! Go stupid decisions!

→ Countdown to Danny Boyle's Frankenstein: t-minus 11 days!


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