Mar. 19th, 2011

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So I'm back in Terre Haute after a very restful, very uneventful term break. I spent the majority of it at home in Fort Wayne, running errands and putzing around the house. I meant to be more productive than I was -- I had planned on getting the jump on my taxes, but only got around to installing the tax software on my laptop before something (ostensibly) more interesting came along and distracted me. That'll be first thing on the agenda tomorrow. It was very nice to be home for a while and to have a chance to see my family, but I'm glad to be getting back to work. A week of nothing to do is pretty much my limit, I've found. After that I start climbing the walls and looking out the windows to catch my neighbors in their yards, just so I have an excuse to go outside and talk to someone.

I kept reminding myself today, while I was getting ready to leave, to remember to pack my comics. I actually stood on the staircase and had an internal conversation with myself, like, You're going to remember to pack your comic books, right? And my brain was like, Yep, no problem, you can count on me herp-a-derp! Half an hour later I was like, Okay, seriously, make sure you pack your comic books. And my brain said, Cool your jets, man! I'll pack the damn comic books!

I remembered about a half an hour ago that I forgot to pack my comic books.


(I love that Rahm Emanuel gif but, more than that, I love the fact that someone deliberately set out to screencap an episode of Charlie Rose to get it.)

And I finally have a microwave! When I moved from Valpo to Terre Haute I left the microwave with Todd. I've been unable to reheat things since the beginning of the year. And I think things got really desperate when I was watching episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, seeing all of those lousy restaurant owners microwaving their food instead of preparing it fresh and I remember thinking, Oh my god, I'd kill somebody to be able to reheat a plate of hashbrowns right now.


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