Feb. 20th, 2011

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'Had a lovely weekend back in Valparaiso. Todd had to work both Friday and Saturday, but we were able to hang out after he clocked out last night. We went out for a late dinner, had a couple of beers, then went back to the apartment to watch Groundhog Day and Anchorman. It was nice to get out of Terre Haute for a while -- and to get back to a city that has a Barnes & Noble. I picked up a couple of coffee table books -- Let It Bleed and David Bowie -- that had been marked down by fifty percent. I've been struggling for ways to decorate the blank walls of my apartment, so I used the photographs in Let It Bleed to make a wall collage (click to embiggen):


It's about 4'x4' and pretty nifty. I plan on doing a similar project with the Bowie book for my bedroom (which has been woefully neglected in the decorating department). I get a great sense of personal satisfaction when a project comes together, especially projects related to art or spatial relationships. I like to think that I've still got the knack for it.

I feel like it's going to be an early night tonight. I'm exhausted. 'Got to rally for another busy week!


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