Feb. 17th, 2011

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Friday. Thank god it's almost Friday.

It's not that this week has been any more difficult than any other week since I started my new job. I think it's just that the weather's begun to turn springtime-y and I've been cooped up in the classroom or my office for most of it, daydreaming of being able to get out. I've got a couple of meetings after class tomorrow but then I'll be out of town and heading back to Valparaiso for the weekend. I've set up most of the activities for Monday's classes so I won't feel overwhelmed when I get back on Sunday night. I'm just, you know, ready to take it easy for a couple of days.

Term break is in another couple of weeks, so if I can just keep up the momentum until then I'll have a nice, full nine-day break with which to reward myself. This time, I'm just going to go home -- both to Valparaiso and Fort Wayne -- to see Todd, my family, and to pick up some things for the apartment. But we get a term break every nine weeks, so I think I might take advantage of the time (and the fact that I will eventually have a steady income/budget) to do some traveling. Like, I'd really like to take a couple of days to go out to Boston, or to Richmond to see the Poe Museum. I'd like to have one little personal trip like that this year, at least. 'Make the most of the fact that I'm making some money -- even if it is only a teacher's salary.

Classes have been up and down this week. Mostly up. I was irritable for absolutely no reason and I felt that sort of came out in the way I handled my classes. Today was much smoother, and I've already got a game plan for tomorrow. Maybe I'm just buoyed by the fact that I'm getting away from the weekend; my mood is unassailable.

My memory, however, is not. I just remembered that my brother's birthday is on Monday and I've not yet mailed out his card. Better do that before he thinks I don't love him anymore.


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