Feb. 7th, 2011


Feb. 7th, 2011 07:15 pm
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I recognize that I am very fortunate: for all of its stresses and mini-dramas, there are more things that I actually like about my job than I don't like. I have very supportive colleagues, a wealth of creative resources, great (for the most part) students, and the ability to design classroom activities that are directly in line with their needs. There are a lot of school systems where one or all of these things are simply not available, so I am grateful that I am able to take advantage of them. I also recognize that, being brand new to the teaching business, my supervisors want to see that we're all "singing from the same song sheet," so to speak. That is, they want to keep tabs on me to make sure that I'm not using class time to, I don't know, build paper mache penises or something. I get that, and I appreciate it. I understand the need for it. But it seems that, lately, "keeping tabs" has turned into "micromanagement," and between the 2-3 class reflections papers and the two-hour weekly "newbie" meetings (which directly follow the weekly hour-long staff meeting, effectively knocking out half my afternoon every Monday/Tuesday), I'm finding it difficult to find time to actually plan for classes like I want to. I usually end up taking my class binders home with me, just so I'm guaranteed some peaceful work time.

Now, again, I am aware that, being new, I am subject to certain requirements and expectations that the veteran teachers obviously will not have to contend with. But if the meetings about classes are taking me away from planning for classes, then what's left to talk about in the meetings? Grah.

I'm also still sick, which might be contributing to my irritability.

Let's see if a Funfetti cake will help.


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