Jan. 8th, 2011


Jan. 8th, 2011 09:36 pm
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I got the job!

Many thanks for all of your finger and toe crossing, as the positive vibes went a long way toward boosting my confidence. I've been on the run the last couple of days: had the phone interview on Wednesday, went down to Terre Haute on Thursday afternoon and then participated in a staff orientation day on Friday. A snowstorm kept me in town an extra night and I just got back to Valparaiso this evening, exhausted and very much anxious about the, well, bigness of this change. I will be moving to Terre Haute after all. I have a stipend from my employers to use for hotels while I look for an apartment in the area, and they've offered to put up additional money for moving expenses.

My role will be as an instructor of English as a second language to international students at Indiana State University. I will be working with about seven other teachers, all of whom will be teaching students at different levels of language fluency. I am extremely fortunate in that I am aware of -- and share -- the teaching philosophies espoused by the program. In fact, I did the observation part of my TESOL certification at INTERLINK's satellite campus here in Valpo. (I found out yesterday that my new boss hired me partly because of the very positive feedback he got from my supervisor; I didn't even know that they had spoken.) My colleagues are experienced, professional, and come from a variety of amazing backgrounds; I feel that part of my professional development will most certainly come from interacting with them.

Obviously, the adjustment to a new city and job will be monumental. Todd will continue to live here in Valpo, though I hope to get back on as many weekends as possible to see him and to decompress. We haven't really had time to process the whole thing -- I went from submitting my resume to signing a 1-year contract within seventy-two hours -- so I am sure that it's going to be an incredible change for the both of us. I am lucky in that he is being fantastically supportive and positive about the move; it will be difficult, but I think that it will serve to make our relationship stronger. We will come to depend on one another in so many different ways.

I'm heading back to Terre Haute on Monday to begin assessing students and creating my syllabus. Classes officially start next Thursday, so I've got a lot of work to do before I'm even remotely ready to step in front of a class. I am not sure how much time I'm going to be able to spend online (the hotel should have WiFi, but my new apartment will likely not), but I plan on blogging about my experiences over at my new Blogspot address, The Portable Teacher, if anyone would like to follow along.

Thanks again for all of your white light and support. I'm excited to begin the next chapter of my life.


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